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community, announcing rob parker is suspended until further notice on the shows's first take he took issue with rg3 for being engaged to a white fiance and wondered if the quarterback was trying to shun his african-american roots. out of a job for the time being. "the hob benefit" madebit" made. it pulled in 84 and a half million dollar which is a record for the biggest december movie opening ever. it means peter jackson will make a lot of money off of this trilogy. >> i went to see silver lining playbook yesterday. >> how was it? >> yeah. >> got a lot of combinations? >> but the point was there were so many kids in the theater, all, you know, parents just lined up with kids to go see "the hobbit." >> big money. >> big news for holiday travel gas prices at their lowest level of the entire year. national average down to 3.28 a gallon. prices were $0.10 higher this year throne last year, over 3.60 thanks to spikes from hurricane isaac and a refinery out west highest price in hawaii and california, about 4 bucks and in missouri and south carolina, they are abou
, they break into your cars and homes and they rob you and they commit violent crimes. now if we treated this as a health issue they wouldn't be doing that. you know. if we enabled a way for them to get what they need to manage their addictions, then they wouldn't have to rob and steal from others. to manage that addiction. >> bill: i -- >> i can't tell you how happy i am that you got the reference to the wire. i hope everybody got that because my favorite story line was when bunny opened up hamster dam and he set up an area for people to buy sell used drugs in this one area of baltimore and crime everywhere else plummeted. plummeted. i thought it was a really smart way to show just how bad and how futile that war on drugs can be in a city like baltimore. >> now although that piece of it was fiction it makes a lot of sense! it makes a lot of sense. because think about it. the guns that permeate our communities today, they're tools of the drug trade. that's all they are. because when i first started working undercover in
thought all along it would be either rob portman or -- i'm blanking now. who is the other -- pawlenty or portman. >> poor tim pawlenty. >> that's what axelrod thought. when they were talking at the harvard conference, why did he pick him and a lot of it was the personal chemistry. matt rhodes said when he would talk to mitt romney which he did every morning, he said it was like talking to your buddy who just met a girl. he was giddy. newhouse said they got along so well, it was like a bromance. >> bill: no kidding. really? well there you go. maybe he should have followed his head rather than his heart in terms of the pick. >> well, you have to have somebody you work with and at the time, there's nothing wrong with that. it was a political choice. it was somebody who -- >> bill: but it changed the dynamic from the economy to medicare. and paul ryan then mitt romney got on there. we love this debate on medicare. we'll win this debate on medicare. guess what. >> that's why i think what you have -- this is an importa
hoping it would inspire colleagues. you saw something different in the healthcare votes and rob ret bird who was 93 and clearly not in good health. so i was in the chamber in washington. you can't have any digital devices. you sit and you observe. and it was remarkable and touching how one by one, these senators were coming up to dole and gently placing their hands on his shoulders or, you know collapsing his hand and then they waited for him to get wheeled out and they voted against him. and something that i noted in the story. >> unbelievable. >> sick. >> sick. >> and the thing that i think was most revealing, what i wrote, two things very revealing about this. one, when they call a role call vote, usually people vocal eyes or verbalize their yeas and nays. some of the old brand republican senators would whisper their vote to the clerk or would hand gesture because they didn't want the audio of them voting against this. if you are going to vote against it, vote against it. >> man up and vote against. >> so i think the key votes ended up being thad
is in la joya at costco. >> we reported rob nabors, the chief's white house lobbyist on capitol hill in a private meeting with leadership staff said we are not moving on the debt seal, not moving on tax rates and entitlement savings. you have to do something. the "new york times" reported this morning that boehner and obama -- boehner has requested private negotiations with obama. i don't know what -- i am not sure why that's important at the that you can on the phone privately. they are looking for a way out they have signaled some private openness if they could kick it up to 37% instead of 39% if they get some entitlement savings they could sell. >> the president would get 39-6 for the upper income folks with doing nothing and no entitlement cuts by doing nothing? >> right. >> it would be a deal. you would guess the president would want some sort of package and wouldn't want to go over the cliff. it would be politically and substantively. this is what republican aids say. he has the chance to do something big. if he come our way i am not negotiating th
money on and his staff was robbing his blind and he let it happen. president obama ran a tighter, meaner leaner machine. >> peter: absolutely. he knew how to spend the money. >> bill: who says republicans know how to spend their money. daniel stone from national geographic has been in california for the last week or so on a very interesting trip for national geographic looking for new innovations in agriculture, in energy, in home-building and transportation and lots of different areas in california. he's up early on the west coast. he is going to tell us all about it and some of the exciting things he found and stuff that starts in california spreads across the country pretty fast. so we will look into the future with daniel stone next here on the the full court press. >> radio meets television "the bill press show" now on current tv. museum honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6

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